Attachments & Accessories

  • Kevels/ Bitts

    Kevels come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to keep your vessel secure. We offer kevels from 18? all the way up to 60?. Choose from flat, thru-the-deck, duck foot and many other options for barge kevels.

  • Internal Spuds

    Internal spudwells go through the deck of the barge and are used to anchor it in place while working. We offer a variety of options for internal spuds.

  • External Spuds

    External spudwells are used to anchor the barge in place while working. The good thing about external spudwells are that they can be moved anywhere on the out side of the barge and the pin into the existing connecting angle that pins the barges together. We offer a variety of options for external spuds.

  • Ladders

    We can build custom ladders to pin on to the barges for access in and out of the water.

  • Railing

    Railing can be added to the barges or boats for a more secure work place they can be welded directly to the barge and be permanent or they can also be built to pin into the barges with the connecting angle.

  • Ramps

    Ramps can be added to the barge for loading and unloading equipment and material on the barge. We can build any size ramp that can attache to the barge or just be place on the barge. We can also build the ramps to be winched up by hydraulics or by hand

  • Hopper Boxes

    We can build custom hopper barges made to haul off debris, silt or mud. We can build an actual hopper barge or we can add bull rails to a barge to function as a hopper barge.